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Water Underfloor Heating

A water underfloor heating system is a series of pipes connected to a boiler via a manifold, This manifold then circulates its warmed up water throughout the pipes installed under the floor to heat the space. The heat that is pushed out by a wet underfloor heating kit is spread more evenly across the surface making it a much better option than a traditional radiator based system. Under Floor heating systems can also use lower water temepratures making them much more cost effective and a more efficient way to heat your home.

Room Size
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Build Your Own Water Underfloor Heating Kit

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Build Your Own Water Underfloor Heating Kit
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Frequently Asked Questions

Could the piping burst under my floor?

This is highly unlikely when using quality underfloor heating pipes such as our Pex-al-Pex pipe as they are specially made for underfloor heating systems and also there are no joints within the floor with the only joints being above ground at the manifold making it easy to locate and repair.

Does my underfloor heating run all the time or can I turn it off?

Yes you will be able turn off individual rooms or the whole system if and when required depending on the number of thermostats you have.

What is the difference between heating zones and a number of different pipe loops in the same room?

A heating zone is the area that the thermostat controls. So where there is a large room having a 3 port manifold and 1 thermostat that is only a single zone system although with teh addition of multiple thermostats if your rooms were small it could be a three zone system. Generally more number of ports on a manifold dictate the number of zones your system is capable of. All of our kits come with one thermostat even though they are capable of more than one zone.

With the pipe being either in the floor or under floor boards will it take a long time to heat up?

No, this won’t be a problem. By using the right controls you will have a comfort and economy mode and can eliminate any delay, however, buildings with high heat loss or draughts could take longer; with some of our highly efficient systems it can offer a response