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Frequently Asked Questions

Our trained staff can provide assistance and information on any queries you may have. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us if you reuire any help with you system or if you have any further questions.


Are all wood and laminate floors suitable to use with our underfloor heating system?
It is always best to check with your supplier, but most flooring manufacturers do approve use with underfloor heating systems.
Why should i use warm water underfloor heating?
The system can run at a lower temperature costs saving you money on bills and usually uses less energy than radiators.
How hot does the floor get?
Approximately 28c but will never feel "too hot to touch".
Do i need a special boiler?
No, nearly all boilers will work, however, you may need to check if your boiler can provide enough power.
How high will the system raise my floor levels?
The heating cables are 2mm thick, but also factor in (5mm) tile adhesive plus your tile and insulation.
What type of insulation should i use with underwood heating?
The 10mm thick blueboard insulation is recommended.
What wattage do I need?
Standard rooms - We recommend 150W. For rooms with multiple fixed furniture (such as kitchens), we recommend 200W.
What is the maximum thickness of wood floor i can install?
18mm is recommended as the maximum as you may not get the most out of the system.