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70m² Water Underfloor Heating Kit - 4 Zone System

What's Included

  • 1 High Output 3 Speed A-rated Grundfoss 15/60 Circulation Pump
  • 1 Automatic Water Temperature Control Mixing Valve

  • 1 4 Port Manifold, Fill & Drain Valve Pair, Ball Valve Pair
  • 1 Heatmiser Digital Slimline Thermostat
  • 1 350m Roll Of 16mm PEX-AL-PEX Multilayer Pipe
  • 1 50m Edge Insulation Pack
  • 1 Pipe Reaming Tool
  • 600 60mm High Barbed Pipe Clips to secure your pipe to the flooring / insulation
  • 6 16mm Pipe Connector Cores
  • 1 Pipe Cutter
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Our 70sqm kit comes with everything required for a competent home DIY individual or skilled underfloor heating installer to complete the fitting easily. The 70sqm multi-zone underfloor heating kit is an ideal solution for heating up to 4 individual zones in your home, as well as allowing each to have an individual thermostat fitted if desired (the kit comes with 1 thermostat as standard).

If you intend to install this kit on joists across a suspended floor you will need to buy additional aluminium spreader plates also.

This kit will provide 70sqm of coverage and comes with all the materials and connections for quick and easy installation.

Underfloor heating is fast becoming the heating choice of the many, and in most cases is much more cost effective than the traditional radiator. Be the envy of your friends, choose an affordable, cost effective solution to heat your next room

Floor Coverage - 52sqm – 106sqm

52sqm at 150mm pipe spacing - Close spacing for conservatory and high heat loss areas in your home.

70qm at 200mm pipe spacing - Recommended spacing for even heat coverage in rooms with regulated temperatures- this is the most common use for this kit.

106sqm at 300mm pipe spacing - Ideal as a background heat source alongside a radiator system or to give your home that little extra warmth

Number Of Zones: 4

The 4 port manifold and actuators allows control and flow to 4 separate zones/rooms. Please upgrade at checkout if you would prefer a manifold with a different number of ports

Should you wish to control the zones independently please select the upgrade option to include electrothermic actuators and a Heatmiser UH4 wiring centre, giving you full flexibility across each pipe loop.

Main Underfloor Components

We only use top quality components in our water underfloor heating kits. Each kit comes with an A-rated pump, Pex-Al-Pex piping and Heatmiser programmable thermostat.

Pex-Al-Pex Piping

PEX-AL-PEX piping is a coextruded cross-linked polyethylene composite pressure pipe with a welded aluminium tube reinforcement between the inner and outer layers. The inner and outer cross-linked polyethylene layers are bonded to the aluminium tube by a melt adhesive. It is used for plumbing, hydronic heating and cooling, and snow and ice melting systems as well as all of our Wet Underfloor kits.

The WRAS approved Pex-Al-Pex pipe supplied with your Underfloor Heating Kit is made formed from 5 layers. two layers of plastic, two layers of adhesive and a layer of Aluminium in the core, these layers are what allow Pex-Al-Pex to outperform alternative materials.

Benefits of Pex-Al-Pex

  • Safety of potable water and long-term reliability
  • Resistance to corrosion, tuberculation, deposits
  • Flexibility combined with stiffness to hold its shape
  • Less linear longitudinal thermal expansion/contraction than standard PEX
  • Aluminium layer prevents oxygen from permeating into pipe
  • No flame used for joining, many fitting and joining options
  • Durability and toughness to survive job site installations
  • Lightweight, compact, easy to transport

Heatmiser Thermostats

Heatmiser are the market leaders in the manufacture of underfloor heating thermostats and are used by many of the UK’s underfloor heating manufacturers and are supplied as part of all of our full systems.

Water Underfloor Heating Kit Guarantees

The Rifeng components within our underfloor heating kits such as the pipes, manifolds and fittings all come with an insurance backed 25 year guarantee whilst the Grundfos pumps and Heatmiser products are covered for 2 years.


All our kits are usually shipped next day if ordered before 13:00. We do have huge stocks of all of our components but need to let you know that next day delivery is not guaranteed as sometimes we may need to order parts in. We do our best to get everything out to our customers as quickly as possible though and if there are any delays we will be sure to let you know

Frequently Asked Questions

Could the piping burst under my floor?

This is highly unlikely when using quality underfloor heating pipes such as our Pex-al-Pex pipe as they are specially made for underfloor heating systems and also there are no joints within the floor with the only joints being above ground at the manifold making it easy to locate and repair.

Does my underfloor heating run all the time or can I turn it off?

Yes you will be able turn off individual rooms or the whole system if and when required depending on the number of thermostats you have.

What is the difference between heating zones and a number of different pipe loops in the same room?

A heating zone is the area that the thermostat controls. So where there is a large room having a 3 port manifold and 1 thermostat that is only a single zone system although with teh addition of multiple thermostats if your rooms were small it could be a three zone system. Generally more number of ports on a manifold dictate the number of zones your system is capable of. All of our kits come with one thermostat even though they are capable of more than one zone.

With the pipe being either in the floor or under floor boards will it take a long time to heat up?

No, this won’t be a problem. By using the right controls you will have a comfort and economy mode and can eliminate any delay, however, buildings with high heat loss or draughts could take longer; with some of our highly efficient systems it can offer a response time in less than 10 minutes. All our thermostats that are supplied with our kits are programmable so you can set your system to come on before you need it eliminating any delays even though they are minimal.

In the bath room does the underfloor heating go under the bath, shower & toilet?

No the underfloor heating does not normally go beneath the bath, shower and toilet, unless it is a wall mounted toilet or a freestanding bath, to avoid risk of the waste trap from drying out when they are not in use.

Will the underfloor heating go under my kitchen units?

We don’t advise to put underfloor heating under the kitchen units that it can’t possibly shorten the lifespan of any vegetables and pre-cooked foods, so ideally we would like to know where they are going first.

Can I have underfloor heating in my conservatory?

Yes you won’t have any problem with the amount of heat with the modern conservatories that comply with the current part L of building regulations.

There seems to be a lot of different types of underfloor heating systems available. I find it a little confusing.

Yes there is a wide choice of systems available however Here at the Underfloor Heat Store we are always available to help. Give us a call or use the live chat facility and we will be only too happy to help.

Should I buy electric or water underfloor heating?

If you choose electric underfloor heating you are limiting your heat sources to just electric, whereas if you choose wet underfloor heating you will have the choice of energy source giving you more options and possible financial savings.

Underfloor heating is it more expensive to run, if you have to heat up the floor first to heat the room.

No actually you can save between 20% to 40% on running costs because you radiator is the size of the floor you won’t need to heat it up to the high temperatures of a steel radiator, in fact the floor temperature is only a few degrees above the room temperature.

How much height do I need on my ground floor to have underfloor heating?

Usually 150mm above the concrete sub floor is adequate to accommodate the insulation, underfloor heating system and the screed, however you can have underfloor heating in a lot less height than that. Give us a shout before choosing and we will help you choose the right system.

What is the best floor finish for use with underfloor heating?

Tile, Slate or Stone are the best because they are excellent heat conductors but Underfloor heating can be used under most floor types just be sure to let your flooring supplier know you are thinking of Underfloor Heating so they can advise on what you need.

We want to fit carpet above our underfloor heating?

Even though carpet is an insulator it works well with underfloor heating. When purchasing your carpet tell the retailer that you have underfloor heating and you want to have a carpet and underlay with a TOG rating no more than 1.5. Most carpets are compatible for use with underfloor heating.

Can I have a hard wood floor on top of my underfloor heating?

Yes you can have underfloor heating beneath a wood, tiles, slate, vinyl, carpet and resin flooring in fact most flooring.

Is it a must to have a heat pump with underfloor heating?

No underfloor heating can be run from any form of heat source but it is advisable and easier and probably less expensive to use a heat pump.

Can I have radiators in my existing house and underfloor heating in house my extension?

Whether you are building a large extension or just a conservatory you can have both radiators and underfloor heating together and they can be operated independently if required

Can I extend my underfloor heating system later?

Yes you can. This can be done by pre-planning and the laying of pipes and blanking off for later extension also another point to consider at this time if fitting a new heat source is to allow for future extension. When choosing your kit let us know if you plan on extending in the future so we can advise on teh size of manifold you will need to future proof your system.

Where is the best place to put my underfloor manifold?

The best place to position the manifold is central to the underfloor heating system possibly in a cupboard.